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Downloadable, reproducible activities for home or school. These free printable activities for kids will keep your young Dino hunters happy and content for hours, not only because they're busy but because they're working their brains!

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James Bone Field Notes

When paleontologists go on a big dig gig they record what they did and saw in a Field Notes Notebook.  Read one of the James Bone books and record your field notes! Click on the button below to download activity materials. 


James Bone Map Activity

As you read each James Bone book, draw a line from the dinosaur to its featured location in the story. Click the button below to download the map. 

James Bone Tools

Circle the tools that might come in handy on a dino dig. Download the activity sheet by clicking below. 

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Freaky Fossils

Click on the button below to download a worksheet to draw your own fossils.

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Dino Word Search

See how many of the James Bone book dinosaurs you can find in this word search.

Click on the button and download the word search. 

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Mommypenny Letter

Write your own Mommypenny letter to tell James and his friends what their next adventure will be, what dino they are looking for, and what they might need to take.

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James Bone
Music Book

Sing, clap, and dance along with James and his pals to the tune of dino-tastic music! 

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