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Meet Carole

­­­Carole Marsh is an entrepreneur, author, and founder and CEO of Gallopade International. After more than 43 years, Carole continues to write new stories for readers of all ages. In 2021 she created Gallopade Graphics to introduce new graphic novels that incorporate history and science to educate and entertain a new generation of fans. Graphic novels have been proven to help kids get excited about reading and to read above their grade level. The James Bone series incorporates science and facts, along with humor and puns, to grab the readers' attention and keep dinosaur fans engaged with the book, cover to cover.

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Meet Lee

Lee Barrow is an illustrator from Virginia. He grew up on a farm surrounded by nature, and he has loved plants, animals (and dinosaurs!) ever since. He has been drawing pictures and reading comics for as long as he can remember. Parasaurolophus is his favorite dino. Lee graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2014.


Our Journey So Far

How It All Started

When I was a kid, I loved dinosaurs. I read everything about them that I could. Then, I forgot about them for a while and moved on to vampires, zombies, mummies, and other fun kid things. 

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Dinos Are So Cool

But, trust me: I had NOT outgrown dinosaurs. Whether it was on school field trips or traveling around America and the world, anytime I had the chance to visit a natural history museum, I did. I was amazed at the humongous skeletons or replicas of the most famous dinosaurs. I went to some dig sites and saw how paleontologists search for, find, and protect fossils.

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