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Carole Marsh and her pal James Bone visited Mrs. McAllister and Mrs. Morrison's third-grade classes at The Heritage School to 'dig in' to her graphic novel, "James Bone and the Awesome Allosaurus Adventure." It was a RAWR-some time!

Book 1 Review

"The name is Bone—James Bone. 007-year-old and licensed to dig." With this opening admonition, a rollicking adventure evolves involving dinosaurs, young investigator paleontologists, and readers who love stories about finding fossils, in James Bone: The Awesome Allosaurus Adventure. This is the first in an 8-book Series, all to be available by Spring of 2022. Each features different U.S., Canada, or other country locations, a new and amazing dinosaur, and more educational, rambunctious adventures for James, Pick, Shovel, and Diggy the dog!


A team of young investigators and their pets awaken to the morning, jazzed about their new dig. The paleontologist's mother assigns them to their "big dig gig" in the Dinosaur Badlands and charges them with finding an allosaurus fossil.


Carole Marsh injects fun puns, wordplay, action words and dialogue, and drama into this picture book story ("Hey! Dr. Archie Ologist is here to meet us!").

The Jurassic Badlands Boneyard the kids enter sports a sign that declares: "Population: 0 people, 15 million fossils."


As the dig team searches the biggest pile of dinosaur remains ever found for one special fossil, readers receive a host of dinosaur and paleontological facts couched in vivid, action-packed adventure scenes.


James Bone: The Awesome Allosaurus Adventure looks like a graphic novel, which makes it especially inviting to reluctant young readers, but it employs the drama and action of adventure wound into real-life facts about dinosaur digs and achieving goals via teamwork.

There's even an evil villain.

All these elements create an engaging read that introduces youngsters to the world of dinosaur digs through an adventure that is vividly narrated, compellingly illustrated by Lee Barrow, and hard to put down.

Even youngsters who normally eschew nonfiction facts and most picture book stories will find the format and drama-laced James Bone: The Awesome Allosaurus Adventure especially appealing."


-Diane Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

New book for kids based on South Dakota's official state dinosaur!

MOUNT RUSHMORE: Book 2 of the "James Bone, 007 Years Old - Licensed to Dig!" series brings James, friends Pick and Shovel, and dog Diggy to a snowy Mount Rushmore for their big dig gig graphic novel adventure for young readers.


           "It had to be in South Dakota in the winter!" says author Carole Marsh. "I have spent a lot of time in the Badlands in the snow and knew this would make a great setting for my characters' search for South Dakota's official state dinosaur—triceratops!"


           Marsh, an author of 60 books for each of the 50 states (yes, that's 3,000 educational books, games, maps, etc.), hopes this new global series of eight titles set around the world will help kids love reading as much as they love dinosaurs. It may be hard for them to resist this rip-roaring read—The Tremendous Triceratops Trek—that helps them learn a few facts, a new way to read via the dialogue-rich graphic novel format, and the tons of puns (often at James Bond's expense) tucked here and there among the icy adventure.


           James' mother, Mommypenny, sends the kids on a paleontology assignment each Friday night so they can return in time for their school's Monday Show and Tell with a fossil to show and a tale to regale. Dr. Archie Ologist tags along to help while new villain Boneapart (Book 1 featured Bonehead) tries to foil the friends' fossil efforts. Dino drone, an array of humorous emoji-like tiny dinos, and a bit of luck help them "always get their bone!" Entertaining illustrations by artist and illustrator Lee Barrow pull readers through the fast-paced book, wanting to "read more," says the author, whose books are carried by Wall Drugs and other outlets, as well school and public libraries.


           According to Diane Donovan, senior reviewer for Midwest Book Reviews, "Even youngsters who normally eschew nonfiction facts and most picture book stories will find the format and drama-laced adventure especially appealing."


Books 1 and 2 of the series; “The Awesome Allosaurus Adventure" and “The Tremendous Triceratops Trek” are currently available on and Amazon.  

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