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The 8-book series invites readers to join James on an epic hunt to find dinosaur fossils for show-and-tell. Each book follows their adventures as they dig through a new assignment at an archaeological site. Along with his friends Pick, Shovel, and his dog Diggy, they uncover more than just fossils – they discover the tools needed to solve any problem. This series teaches that through perseverance, persistence, and patience, the young explorers always complete their mission. While reading about their favorite topic, kids will learn about the importance of friendship, cooperation, and creative problem-solving.


Join James and his friends on a super secret mission!

James is a die-hard dino buff. Lucky for him, his paleontologist mom enlists his help with a big dig gig at a dino site! Along with his friends Pick, Shovel, and his dog Diggy, our young excavator ends up on a rambunctious, rip-ROARING archaeological adventure! Dr. Archie Ologist is napping on the job. Bonehead tries to beat them to the best finds. And it’s ALL ALLOSAURUS, ALL THE TIME! But rest assured: James always gets his bone.


Wild Winter Adventure!

Our die-hard dino buff is back for another adventure, thanks to his paleontologist mom, Mommypenny! Along with his friends, our young archaeologist finds himself digging through the layers of the earth and ice on the hunt for a larger-than-life discovery! Under the watchful (or napping) eyes of Dr. Archie Ologist our explorers navigate the icy terrain of the frozen, wintry Dakota landscape – and there are tremendous twists in the trek for triceratops ahead! No matter what stands in their way, these kids know that the key to success is to ‘tri, tri again’!


Tyrannosaurus Rex Romp!

The Tyrannosaurus Rex is the biggest dinosaur in history, which makes you wonder what business James, Shovel, Pick, and Diggy have messing with it? In this larger-than-life paleo-adventure, passports are required, and pack your summer clothes for a tropical trek through time in… Canada? Even with the help of Scotty the dino, this romp will be nothing short of a dino-sized feat for James and his friends to overcome. In true fashion, Mommypenny’s surprises help to save the day, but watch out – there’s an asteroid headed their way! Will they make it back in time for Show and Tell? You’ll have to keep reading to find out in this exciting page-turner!


Through the Trap Door!

It's a sight for ‘saur’ eyes as James and friends (and villains!) return for another dino-tastic adventure. Your favorite explorers are back to take on another big dino that made it to the big screen — the vicious Velociraptor! In the last adventure, the gang found themselves on the wrong side of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, but will this dig site be easier to map out? What is there to discover in the sand dunes? Will Bonehead throw a fossil in their adventure plans? And what do a monsoon and a camel have to do with solving the mystery? It's up to you to turn the pages to find out how this adventure plays out.


River Ride with Dinos!

Buckle up because it’s the ‘mother’ of all dinosaur stories as James and friends head to Egg Mountain in the latest saga of the James Bone series that finds the crew in the Wild West. As you turn the page to find out what cowboys and baby dinosaurs have to do with James, you’ll be catapulted into a whirlwind of an adventure! This mission might seem easy, but some bad dinos and Boneapart have hornswoggled their way into making trouble for James, Shovel, Pick, and Diggy. Don’t forget… our explorers still have to be back in time for Show and Tell!


A Trek to Ancient Egypt!

The largest land-dwelling predator of all time, that’s just as at home in the water? Sounds like the last dino that James and his friends would want to come into contact with, but these intrepid young explorers are off to Egypt in search of the prodigious, prehistoric predator: Spinosaurus! This adventure will leave you on the edge of your seat wondering if James, Shovel, Pick, and Diggy will find Spinosaurus in time to make it back for “Show and Tell.”… Or could this be the one where their mission is finally thwarted by some dastardly, ‘boneheaded’ villain. Find out – one page at a time.


Amazing adventure at Dinosaur National Monument!

Our heroes are back at it again in a seventh adventure. There’s never a dull moment when we’re with James and his friends on a fossil hunt. We’re talking about a little bit of girl dinosaur power and some baby apatosaurus that are so cute you’ll want one of your own! Even though no one invited them to this ‘Apatosaurus Affair,’ Bonehead and his gang can’t let James have all the fun as they storm in to thwart the mission. As time runs out and Show and Tell draws near… will they make it back in time?


The most giant Dino on Earth!

With talk of a titanic-sized lizard, things might look grim for James Bone and his friends. But, in true James fashion, he always finds a way to wiggle out of a pinch and solve the latest task assigned to them by Mommypenny, which is to stay at home… That can’t be right? The only thing standing in his way of getting back in time for Show and Tell without Mommypenny suspecting a thing is that Dr. Archieologist – has gone MISSING!? These young ‘Dinoisseurs’ (dino connoisseurs) have to hurry and make their way around the world in just 8 hours instead of 80 days!

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